Finally I made it: after visiting plenty of capitals around the globe, it was about the time the one the country i was born.


An ongoing serial work about industrial facilities. Here are a few impressions.


German impressions

Rothenburg ob der Tauber



There's a few shots from the touristy medieval town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, student and wine lovers favourite Franconian City Wuerzburg and the lesser known Hessigheim, which is famous in the rock climbing scene.


serial update

I made this 63 second exposure of the impressive Rhine Waterfall in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The image expands the ongoing serial work Neutral Density and was lately added to the Portfolio.


1st of all, I finally uploaded my Montenegro portfolio, which you can check out here.
Another commissioned and lovely project I've been working on during summer, was landscape photography about the "Alb-Donau Kreis" for a anniversary magazine. A few shots you will see below. stay tuned for some more soon.


current issue Servus Magazine

the current Servus Magazine issue of July for Bavaria, features my images about a blacksmith producing hand made pans


Passau before flooding

before heading for the rest of June to the Western Balkans I'd like to post a few impressions of Passau, which I visited in mid-May shortly before the massive floodings.

MAI – new website launch

web history: 1st release in 2009

the website was launched at the end of 2009. the box-styled design used two major colours and the start page was one static image with type included.

web history: 2nd major release in 2011

the second major redesign of the website featured a full-screen intro page with a selection of random images showing up at the start page. the whole design became lighter, but the images remained at its former small resolution.

current design

the big update for 2013 keeps the advantages of the full-screen intro images, combined with scalable images in the portfolios, which have double the size compared to back in the days! the design once again became lighter leaving plenty of space for the image. other features that were introduced is a blog style NEWS-section and thumbnail based navigation.


Cover-Photo at Servus Magazine

Just by coincidence I figured out at the kiosk that the magazine Servus is using one of my photographs as its cover-image for the current issue via my stock-agency.

Banners for Website

Herrenknecht has launched a new website using few of my images as banners.


Portrait: Prof. Spitzer

For corporate magazine centaur from Rossmann company, I photographed the interview with Professor Spitzer in Ulm and made a portraits of him.


Cover Shoot London

For Herrenknecht Company I spent a few days in Central London, to take photographs from London's train-stations for the railway image brochure.


Cover Shoot La Paz

For Herrenknecht Company I spent a few days in Bolivia's capital La Paz, to take photographs from the incredible view at this metropolitan area situated in the Andes. The photograph is used for the utility image brochure as well as for exhibition purposes.

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